I be famous……Kinda!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to be interviewed for an article for The Press and Stuff. It was to bring awareness to Bowel Cancer and the lack of awareness not just in younger people but for GP’s dealing with young people and the huge amount of misdiagnoses that is going around.

Early detection is the best way to have a decent chance at fighting and living through this illness. Without early detection people like me are misdiagnosed for years. This has now threaten my life span on this earth hugely. 4-24 months is not a long time to be told you have left to leave a legacy or an impression in the world.

I took the phone interview and had pictures and a video done for the piece that was both online and in print.

I was extremely nervous about how it would come out and the message it would be sending to a very wide and largely uniformed audience.

It came out on Saturday morning I was extremely proud of how it had come across, the video online didn’t have to many ‘ummm’s’ and the article was very informative both in press and online.

The news article online:


Please take a read if you have a moment!



There were 100’s of kind, caring and compassionate people out there. There were also a lot of others who told me I should have seeked a 2nd or 3rd opinion or that I should have not been ‘cheap’ and paid for my own colonoscopy.

Unfortunately I had no idea cancer was even in the realm of possibility let along that I would question a doctor I had the utmost confidence in. I never thought I should have 2nd guessed her to get a 2nd opinion let alone something like a colonoscopy.

There were also a lot of comments about the governments and who’s putting more into health and who isn’t. Yes both the current and former governments are at fault and everyone needs to seriously look at the way we screen for bowel cancer especially, and more so in young people.

In other news:

Since I last wrote I went to



This place is EPIC and has the most amazing donuts and sweet treats along with amazing pies (review from my pie guy ;)). It was on my bucket list and will defiantly be a place I go back too!

I struggled a lot with motivation last week even though it was deemed my ‘good’ week. This really took a toll mentally and really brought me down. I went on walks and rode around the park with Cameron while he did his runs.

Other than that I really struggled with motivation, fatigue and just feeling good about myself.

I had chemo on Monday, round 4. I still have 2 more rounds until I am able to get scans to see if the chemotherapy is having any impact on slowing the growth of my cancer. If it is I will continue FOLFIRI for another 3 months. Otherwise I will cut it out and just get on with living my life.


Was able to walk to and from the hospital.

Tuesday I was attached to Bruce and still managed a 9.3km run! Wednesday before I got disconnected I made the decision to go for a ride and managed 32km before meeting a new friend and having an epic lunch, feeling like I’d known her forever!

To is usually when I hit a bit of a wall with my nausea but I managed to get on my bike today and do 31.5km!

I put this down to my new hydration godsend and help!



They reached out to me last week about their hydration products which are all natural and made in good ole New Zealand. They tried to get their products into hospitals in NZ which is such a shame didn’t take off.

They make a product specifically for nausea related symptoms. Honestly these electrolyte products are epic and I am blown away by their generosity and kindness.

Honestly this is the only thing I have changed this week and really stuck to just using Pure Nutrition’s electrolyte range and I’m out there on my bike in the heat nailing it!

Yeah the fatigue and nausea will probably kick in tomorrow until Sunday but having a at least a couple of good days when you’re excepting the worst is a godsend.

Thank you again to everyone who gets to the end of my blogs and that took the time to read the article and for the kind words that were said.

They really do make speaking out worth it and if I can change something for the better and help someone it makes all of this worthwhile.


Relay for life: https://relayforlifeselwyn2019.everydayhero.com/nz/cancer-can-trigirl?_ga=2.237071744.1221091669.1548900486-2037045910.1547763067#

This is our team, the funds we raise are going to the Cancer Society who work completely on donations and do not receive any funding from the government. They have been awesome and got me involved in groups and offered support not just to me but the people closest to me, which I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart. The event is the 16th of March, please feel free to donate to any one of our teammates or to me. Would be greatly appreciated!

Rapha 500: https://give.everydayhero.com/nz/rapha-festive-500-bowel-cancer-babe

is is being put off until I get my scan results so we know where we stand with my health and whether we need to decrease the total kms I do in the 8days to make without putting my body at risk. It is still going ahead and all proceeds go to the Bowel Cancer Foundation. They do amazing work and also completely rely on donations and fundraising to keep them going as the government does not fund them either.

Both challenges are great causes and I feel proud to be involved and apart of both of them.

Until next time,

Keep smiling,

Britt xx


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