Ticking off the bucket list….

The last couple of weeks despite having chemo have been really busy.

I fly up to Auckland on my ‘bad week’ Friday and spent the weekend catching up with family and friends. It was a good trip but flying home on Monday and the after effects of fatigue were pretty brutal.

I struggled a bit last week with my get up and go seeming to have got up and gone.

Going up there really reminded me that although I may miss aspects and people up in Auckland, Christchurch is now my home and my happy place and I was really looking forward to getting back there.

I tried to run last Tuesday and it was DISMAL!! I manged 2km before my heart rate was through the roof, I sounded like a smoker with a smokers cough and I could barley get air into my lungs.

I walked a bit and felt pretty annoyed and angry at my body at this stage. I manged one more km before calling it a day and walking home from the park.

This didn’t bode well for the 1st upcoming bucket list activity, the Christchurch 10km ‘Run to Remember’ for all the earthquake victims 8years on.

I managed a walk up the bridle path with Kristy on Friday. It was steep and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it but I’m so glad she got me out there and to the top as well!

Saturday the weather was not ideal and race day didn’t seem like it would be much better.

I was woken up at 645am with ‘run morning!’ (thanks for the enthusiasm babe ;)).

It was raining but I was determined to get this run done as it was something I had really mean looking forward too and would have not forgiven myself easily if I hadn’t done it. I was going to run, walk or crawl but I was determined to get to the end.

The rain eased and actually stopped for the whole race! I was rugged which was just as well as it was freezing southerly.

Signed up and got our numbers on. A bit of waiting around and we were underway!

There was a lot of uphill to begin with up to summit road, but managed to jog in patches with a few hundred other runners trying to get through the walkers.

Managed to run a lot of summit road despite the rolling terrain but the views were next level and I was completely in my happy place, heart rate was good, lungs felt good, legs felt fine and the moral was even better.

I was so so happy to finish the 10.6km in 1hour 8mins when I thought Id be walking most of the way!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Josie for picking us up and dropping us off and the different start and finishing places, John for trying to hold me back knowing I had chemo the next day but also knowing I was in a good place and just let me run while running a long side me and to Cameron my partner in crime that could have run that in half the time but was determined to stick by my side and know I was in my comfort zone and just let me be. You all made the day happen for me and I was so so happy and just buzzing from getting to compete and complete something so cool!

To be fair brunch after was just as good!


Chemo Monday, I am now officially half way. I get my scans next week and officially find out in chemo the chemo is working and whether Ill be having another 6 rounds of 3 more months of chemo or whether its not worth it and I can just be and not worry with it anymore.

I am not sure which way I want it to go to be honest. Chemo is awful and so draining but then if its giving me longer and better quality in the long term maybe its worth another bad 3 months.

Its definitely a catch 22 and will be very interesting to get the results from next Thursday!

On a completely different note I have a wee addition to my bucket list…..The St Clair’s half marathon run by Bowel Cancer New Zealand on my birthday weekend in May! I am so excited to be able to enter this year! Last year I didn’t have people to go with and it was half way through my 9 months of chemo. I just wasn’t in the best head space to complete it.

This time am we are driving up and I will know so many people and just the entertainment like atmosphere is going to be awesome! It will be my last round of chemo when we get back that Monday, assuming my chemo continues after this week.

I know its a bit of a way but what 21.1km when you’ve done over a year of chemo and are terminally ill. It should be a breeze right? And really how could I miss the official Bowel Cancer New Zealand event and being able to raise money for such an amazing organisation who have done so much for me. I hope I can raise the money and awareness this event deserves.

My everyday hero fundraising page for this epic organisation that is Bowel Cancer NZ is:


Even a couple of dollars goes a long way. Thank you everyone!


blog half marathon


On a side note these last few days have been tough with a lot of fatigue and not a lot getting achieved.

Thank you to Kristen Ellis from Global PC for enabling me to finish this blog after my charger decided to blow up yesterday half way through! Absolute legend.

So far I have ticked off a bucket list item, and have added another to the list!

Next up is the Relay for Life which is going to be a long but absolutely awesome fun filled day with the opening ceremony to the candlelight ceremony as it starts to get dark! I am really looking forward to being apart of this event to not only raise awareness but raise money for the Cancer Society.

Hopefully after my couple of days rest I’ll be running into this weekend with a bang (in a good way) and keep up the training for all this bucket list excitement that is coming my way!

Until next time,

Keep smiling,

Britt xx


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