Time off…..

Itss been a minute since I wrote a blog on here!

Not sure how I’m going to catch you up but lets see how I go…..

Due to the awful shootings in Christchurch the Relay for Life was postponed until this weekend coming (April the 6th). After it had occurred there was such a weird eerie feeling around the city. We still had a team gathering on the Saturday with most of the team to come together and show solidarity and team spirit (at this time it was unknown if the Relay for Life was even going to be run this year but we are so grateful that they were able to find another date to run it on. There was a lot of hard work put into the team and all the money raised its great we can still take part and make this event and milestone plus a buck list item happen!)

It was amazing how everyone has come together as a community, city and New Zealand as one. We are much stronger than someone who has other agendas for our country.

Any way…

The following week i was struggling majorly with fatigue, it was a ‘good week’ and I couldn’t even drive or get to the supermarket or clean or make myself proper meals. I was tired, but beyond what tired should ever feel like. It was pure exhaustion to the point that getting out of bed was a mission in itself let alone trying to shower and be present in a day.

Chemo was starting to affect my quality of life and I have always said and wanted quality over quantity. Between myself and my oncologist we decided I would take a few weeks off chemo to regain some kind of strength and normality back into my life.

With the City to Surf that weekend I was only to happy to give chemo a miss the Monday after.

Oh the City to Surf! Another bucket list event I had on the cards. 14km. After having such a rough week I was really doubting whether I would be able to run (or walk) it at all.

I was gotten up and we got there and through it though!

Thank you so so much to Cameron who stayed by my side encouraged me when I needed it most and got me water along the way so I wouldn’t have to stop and try and get going again. Your kindness, support and love is beyond anything I can put into words, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me. How much you help me and get me going so I can achieve all these goals and bucket list craziness means the absolute world to me and I don’t know I could get through all this without you.

A big thanks to John too who ran beside me the whole way and walked when I needed and got going again when I got my HR under control. Constantly checking how I was and if I needed to slow it down or take it easier. You are a superstar and I’m so looking forward to and honored that we will be running side by side during the St Claire’s half marathon on the 11th of May.

Without you boys I would never have made it. A time of 1hr 35min not what I was after but the fact I managed to do it after the week I had. I guess I just need to roll with it and be happy with my time!

It was a real family affair, massive well done to Josie who did the run 15mins quicker than she was hoping for and running the whole way, as much as I may inspire you , you inspire me greatly too. Getting back into running to take part and come along all my crazy adventures and taking on all my bucket list events with me and to be apart of it meant the world to me.

Lovely brunch after to round off an awesome day!


Unfortunately I really struggled the week after with fatigue and had got black toenails and injected big toes which I am on antibiotics and cream for to hopefully get them better for this weeks big event!

Among over things I had to do some tough stuff like go through a will and my advanced care plan for when I cant make decisions myself. Its the side of having a terminal illness that really brings it home and shines a big light on it and my mortality.

This week has seen a slight improvement of energy.

I managed to ride my longest ride since November on Monday while catching up with my dear friend Carol who is over in NZ from the UK! Was such a great day and I had such a good time.

Unfortunately we have had a bit of an incident with the hot water cylinder and it decided to spring a leak and flood the storage room upstairs to the garage roof to down some walls and the carpet downstairs.

Myself and the big air blowers have a hate hate relationship after a sleepless night listening to them humming away at a sound so loud it drowned my alarm out!

So many things to look forward to though.

From this weekends Relay for Life which supports the cancer society and all the wonderful things they do to a trip to Aussie the following week!

I’m very excited as I haven’t actually been to Australia besides transits to Europe!

We have a couple of days in Brisbane before driving down the coast line to the Gold Coast to stay with the most awesome couple ever! I’m so looking forward to a holiday and to get away somewhere different for a few days before coming back to my reality.

I sadly go back on chemo the Tuesday after we arrive home. We have done a 20% dose reduction and they are hoping I will  get through another 2-3 rounds of before we pull the pin whereby more scans will be taken to see were we stand and what will be done moving forward. There is also a point with this chemo reign were it just stops working and the body has built up resistance to it so hoping we can get those rounds in before that can happen.

Oh and before I go I can happily say the blowers are gone for now! Oh how blissful is that silence!!!!!

Until next time,

Britt xx

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