Vineyards Half Marathon and a catch up….

Well its be a little while since I last blogged.

A lot has happened, we completed the Relay for Life which was the most epic experience I have been through. Despite the shit weather that started the day off, the wind died and the sunset was just brilliant. Our team did such an amazing job and we raised over $5,500, a 10th of the total raised for the Cancer Society.

The candlelit ceremony was very moving, I got to light one of the candles and the lap of silence with all the people attending was just something you have to be there to feel. I felt very honored to be a part of it and the team we had was just so much fun and we really all had a great time, despite some emotional moments.

I’ve also been to Brisbane. Never actually been into Australia and I loved it! The Southbank in Brisbane where we stayed was epic and the walks along the river were great! We drove 40min south of the Gold Coast to stay with family friends. Thank you Briggie and Ryan for having us and showing us the sights! Despite getting sick on the Saturday the trip was a real success.

Last week I celebrated my birthday. Since I won’t be getting all of them I made it a week long a fair. A couple of brunches and a delicious roast dinner went down a treat! Thank you to my bestie Nicole for the most epic cake I have ever gotten! It was incredible. Thank you to the ladies who brunched with me and for all the flowers and pressies on the day. I felt very lucky, grateful and thankful for all the people I have and who have come into my life since I moved down to Christchurch last September.

I love and appreciate everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. You are all amazing humans and I feel lucky to have you around and be apart of your lives.

The biggest thing for my birthday was the weekend, going to Blenheim for the Vineyards half marathon that supports Bowel Cancer New Zealand. This organisation is totally run on donations so events like these are so important not only to raise money for a cancer that is the second biggest killer in New Zealand, but to also raise awareness for such an important cause.

I managed to raise nearly $1200, which was just amazing and so appreciated. If anyone still wants to donate to this awesome cause please clink the link below. Know matter how small every bit counts and goes to this great organisation:

We drove up on the Friday and stopped at all the sights along the way. I haven’t done that drive for over 10 years all changes is just incredible.

We arrived to a beautiful afternoon to a lovely Airbnb which had a spa (very grateful to have post run that’s for sure!).

Walked down to the convention center to get our race packs. The singlet I received from Bowel Cancer is awesome and it was so lovely to put more faces to names. I am very grateful to you all.

It was also great to catch up with the Pure Nutrition team (their super berry drink was my saving grace at the aid stations and was definitely a big part of getting me through that run in such good condition).

A yummy homemade lasagna for dinner and a semi early night before race day.

Woke up to the most beautiful day for a run!

Wow what a location and setting, The atmosphere and the organisation of this event was next level. It was so so well run. It was something you can’t experience unless you take part in such an event. We went through 21 private properties and vineyards.

Cameron started at 9am and man did he put in an epic effort! Despite going the wrong way he still managed 1hr 31mins! Such a machine and is definitely on track for the Christchurch marathon come Queens Birthday weekend at the beginning of June.

John, my partner in crime and my hand break kept me in check and made sure I got through the event in one piece and able to pull up in great condition to still get through chemo Monday.

I am so so happy to say I chatted the whole way round with lots of smiles and even better I was able to run the whole way which after being away and so sick for 6 weeks I never thought possible. We did the run in 2hrs 20min. I was hoping for a sub 2hr 30min but realistically I was thinking 3hrs would be more my pace.

Josie was an absolute trooper and despite hating running managed to finish the event in 2hrs 55min!!!!!

The sun shone the whole way and the whole day was just such an amazing experience. I am so happy it was on my bucket list and something I got to do. The only negative would be I would have loved, loved, loved a medal instead of the bottle of wine for finishing as its something you could keep forever and in my situation things like that are very important.

Post event we just chilled out in the chill out zone and I ate ice cream while the boys had hot dogs.

Getting home we were all straight in the spa…….and I ended up in the pool… 14 degrees…..don’t think Ill be forgetting that anytime soon Cameron Mill!!!

Out for an early tea as we were all so tired after such a big day and after being on such a high.

I can not believe how well we all pulled up ! None of us were sore! We went for a lovely Mothers Day brunch before heading home.

The weekend was such a success and I was on such a high from it all the drive home I really struggled with.

The reality of having to go into chemo the next day hit me like a ton of bricks. I just feel so mentally and physically drained after 18 months of pretty much doing chemo every 2 weeks. I am tired. I a.m t.i.r.e.d.

It is really, really starting to take its toll. I didn’t want to do the last round and I got through it but getting through this round has been very tough. Had a complete melt down Sunday evening as I have just had enough of it all.

After talking to my nurse at chemo she said the biggest benefit is in the first 5/6 rounds and I am now on my 11th of this combo of drugs. My oncologist was happy for me to actually miss this and the last round anyway.


I think deep down I have given it everything I’ve got and I don’t think I will be doing the last round.

It is after all only palliative chemo and I think its time to take on a few more adventures and trips while I am still well and able enough too. My 4-24 month diagnosis and I am still living after the 6 month mark which is just amazing.

I am ready to feel well and get on with life that doesn’t revolve around chemo and feeling sick for 7-10 days at a time. Here’s to living without constant hospital appointments and to life!

Until next too and to living life,

Britt xxx

PS Bowel Cancer NZ is running the ‘Move your butt’ campaign to get you moving for the month of June, deltails in the link below:

Move Your Butt



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