The ‘Britt Ride’…..

A few months ago I purchased some cycling kit on TradeMe from a lovely lady called Belinda. Little did I know that that purchase would be the start of something amazing!

Turns out Belinda Duffy is the owner of a cycling kit company called Toot Kit ( Its a cycling kit brand that offers unique premium apparel that is colorful, bright, and full of life.

Belinda and I spent a lot of time just chatting through Instagram back and forwards, a friendship was formed through the love of cycling and wanting to get people out on bikes and smiling.

A couple of months she came to me and said what about creating a kit…….. doodles and ideas back and forth and ‘The Britt Kit’ was created! I never thought in a million years Id get the opportunity to do something so cool. It was decided $10 of each piece of kit sold was going to go to supporting Bowel Cancer NZ…… I mean really how epic is that?!

So the kit was designed and my visions came to life-  (

Something this special deserved a special debut…..

And so ‘The Britt Ride’ was born.


We decided to create a ride that people could purchase a $10 + ‘ticket’ and be part of it all. The money raised was to be donated to Bowel Cancer NZ and we had big goals of raising $3000!

Word got out and people and companies started donating prizes!

We needed a place to end the ride so we could provide coffee (essential for all cyclists) and a place we could use to draw prizes randomly from all the people that participated in the ride and ‘bought’ a ticket.

Joanna Sharpe you little legend offered us this amazing space called Snickel Lane. It is in the city and has a couple of cafes, restaurants and florists. Such a special and unique place. It was amazing looking over it all after the ride jam packed full of people chatting , drinking coffee and enjoying the atmosphere that was created.


A 28km loop around Aucklands waterfront was created ending at Snickel Lane!

We decided a way to raise more money was by allowing anyone to be able to buy a ticket even if they were unable to attend the ride and were in with a chance to win one of the epic prizes that had been donated. This in the end was worth over $3500.

So it was set! Saturday June 22nd was a thing. The Britt Ride. The launch of the Britt Kit.

I was terrified, would people show up? Would we be able to raise enough money? Would I be able to make it up the hills after only riding on the flat roads of Christchurch?!


I can proudly say we had over 100 riders show up for the ride and we raised over $4000 for Bowel Cancer NZ, along with raising awareness within a new group of people who are deemed fit and healthy, just like I was.

Its been decided that The Britt Ride will be an annual event and fundraiser. I am so incredibly proud and grateful for this. I means that even though my time will be short I have left behind something that will live on, raising money and awareness while bringing people together to ride bikes, drink coffee, and have a good time.

There are so many people and companies to thank as without them this whole day would have just been an idea and not possible at all.

Obviously Belinda and Robin from Toot Kit, without you both none of this would have ever been a thing or possible at all.

Chapter2 bikes, you helped so much with the set up, provided prizes and the amazing bike I got to ride on the day (

Joanna Sharpe, without you there would have been no Snickel Lane ( The venue was amazing!

Pure Nutrition, not only do you help me out but you provided so many prizes, you are all absolute stars (

Evo bikes for providing an epic bike servicing prize……which I wish I’d won (!

MEC for the vouchers and to Emma for creating an awesome loop around Auckland and helping with all the safety stuff (

Wide Open who are amazing. Not only did they provide POC helmets as prizes but they gifted me a beautiful new helmet which was very much in need (

Pure Delish, yummmmmmmmmm. The prize packs you provided were beautiful and super tasty. I went out and bought some of your paleo muesli and it is the best stuff I’ve had in a long time (!

No Ugly Wellness for all the delish drinks to make us sparkle inside and out (

Verdo Parnell for the gift voucher, next time I’m in Auckland I will have to make an appointment to make my nails pretty again (!

Jaybird sport, wireless headphones are left level! Thank you (

Howick Hairways for your generous gifts and vouchers for both men and women (

And Your Zone, the massage pack was brilliant (


Honestly I can’t thank everyone involved enough, from the people and companies that donated prize and the time to the riders who showed up on the day. You all made this such a special day for me and I will be internally grateful to you all.

I never thought that I would ever be part of something so amazing. Thank you to everyone who donated, supported, provided kind words and was and are here for me.

Special thanks to Cameron, I know you put up with a lot and you getting involved with a cycling event even though its not your favorite helped make just a dream a reality. Thank you.

Belinda, we will be friends for life and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to creating an idea and following it all the way through until it became real. Your kindness, work and patience has not gone unnoticed. We did it and it was a huge success!

I met so many great people and have made friends for life who I will be able to go on more adventures with before my time is up . All your kindness and love is just beyond words.


The ‘Just Because’ Britt Kit and The Britt ride…..ITS A THING

Buy the kit and lock it in your diaries for next year. Its only going to be bigger and better.

Until next time,




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