This is a blog-

It is to thank everyone that has done something for me in the last couple of years.

Cancer is not a journey I recommend and terminal cancer is another kettle of fish altogether but one thing it has shown me and has taught me is the kindness of humanity.

It has taught me the people that have stayed, the people that left and the people that came into my life and were happy to stay despite the circumstances. It has shown me that family is what you make it and the people that stick by you don’t have to be blood, but yet still treat you as if you are.

I have gotten to meet some amazing people and share my journey along the way. Hopefully in doing so it will help someone else not end up in my situation.

Awareness in young people and fit people and all the demographics that think they are invincible and cancer wont touch them to think again. To listen to their bodies and not to brush off something that may be important.

I hope it teaches people to treat their bodies and their health like gold and to take the best care of it.

When I was first diagnosed and going through treatment I did ‘Around the Bays’, the Herald did an article which helped me not only raise awareness but a lot of money for Bowel Cancer NZ (



NZ cycling journal took an interest and I got to do a story with them and spread awareness to a whole new demographic (



I was lucky enough to take part in the ‘Never too Young’ campaign that Bowel Cancer NZ runs yearly now and raises awareness among young people. It also enabled information to be sent to GPs all over New Zealand to help educate them that this disease was not just an ‘old persons’ disease (



I met my other half. He stuck by me. His family welcomed me in with open arms and has helped me more than I can ever thank them enough for through everything. I moved to Christchurch. I made a home. I met friends who I couldn’t imagine my life without now.



Then I was re diagnosed.

I did the ‘Run to Remember’, the ‘City to Surf’, ‘Relay for Life’ and ‘St Claire’s’ half marathon all while on treatment. I got to represent Bowel Cancer NZ and raise more money for this amazing organisation which runs purely on donations and fundraising.



Stuff did an article about all the events I was doing while on treatment. I hope this helped motivate people to get out there and realize if I can do it they can do it too (


Pure nutrition came on board and have helped me with electrolyte drinks and a special number they have specifically for nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting ( This was a amazing and used ALOT during my second lot of treatment. Their protein powers have been used when I can’t eat anything else and have kept me going. This brand and the people behind it are just awesome.


Toot cycling kit, Belinda contacted me and we created a cycling kit together, the ‘Britt Kit’. This came with a launch ride which was ‘pay an entry’ to ride with all the money again going to BCNZ. This not only raised more money but I got to bring awareness to a whole new group of people ( ; Thank you to all the people who donated prizes for the give away we had for all the riders who ‘entered’ and donated to ride!



I got to ride a bike there, the owner of the bike, Mike Pryde from Chapter 2 GAVE ME HIS EPIC FRAME!!!!!! His company also help sort out all the bits and pieces for it and sent it all to CHCH ( I was contacted by a wheel company Negative Split Carbon and they have helped me out with the most awesome wheels, I am literally flying (


Scotty Brown the bike shop down here put it altogether for me (

I now get to ride an epic new bike.

I got engaged (more on this in my next blog, coming soon!).

The Herald did another article, again raising awareness for BCNZ (



We chose a venue, Marina from Harper’s Homestead has been incredible and I feel so grateful to have met her. The wedding is coming together nicely and we are nearly all done so we can sit back, kick our feet up and relax until the day (!

As well as all the treatment and medication I take I get a weekly oncology massage to help manage the pain with Tess from Body Central Massage therapy. She is an absolute god send and helps me week in and week out ( It’s a way to keep a body with terminal cancer functioning and able to do the things I still want to do.

I now have another choice to make.


It isn’t to slow disease but is more to try and reduce the size of a tumor to help decrease the pain.

This may be my last summer, my last Christmas, my wedding and my only anniversary, my honeymoon. I’m unsure I want to spend it feeling sick with side effects. Its another big decision that has consequences far and wide.

Although this journey has taken me so so incredibly far away from my life pre cancer I can say I am so immensely thankful to all the people I have meet on this journey. They have shown me that human kindness is not dead. Every single person that I have come in contact with since finding out I had cancer has shaped my life and I will be forever grateful.

The generosity has been outrageous, the genuine care and compassion I have been showed has been spectacular. The love and support has been remarkable.

To every single person I have met in the last two years, thank you for coming into my life, thank you for having a part in it big or small, thank you for supporting me very step of the way. Thank you to the friends I have made, the family I have gained and the health professionals assisting in my journey. Thank you to people who have gone above and beyond to help and make sure I still get to do the things I love in the best way possible.

And the biggest thanks of all.


You have been my rock, you have stood up for me and stood by me like know one else ever has. No matter what you have my back. You support me and all the crazy things I decide are a great idea even if they’re not. Thank you for being proud of me for everything I do and achieve, I have never had that level of support before. You are my biggest cheerleader and I am yours. You celebrate everything I do big or small and always make me feel special and like I can do anything and everything. Most of all you make me feel so loved, no matter what.



You are my hero.

I love you, forever and for always

Take care,

Until next time




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