Getting engaged- Getting married!

Who would have thought?!

I’m getting MARRIED!!!!

On the 25th of July I picked up the boy from the airport and we headed to the ‘Green house’ at lake Bruner. This is one of the best and prettiest places I’ve ever been. Cameron’s family has a Bach there. We head over there on a regular basis to the quiet, to put the feet up and completely relax and escape reality.

We had decided to have a long weekend over there, with the snow on the mountains and the good weather to come it was a good weekend to venture over.

Friday the 26th dawned to frosts and a clear blue sky. After watching a movie and breakfast we decided to go for a walk. The ‘loop’ is to be walked anti-clockwise, always. Cameron headed off in the opposite direction which was weird in itself but I just had this feeling I should keep my mouth shut for once and follow along.

We chatted as we went, as we always do and walked to the end of the pier to get right next to the water with the snow capped mountains in the background………..

Before I knew what was happening he was on one knee and asking me to marry him!

Now it had been a running joke that I would say how nice a ring and getting engaged would be for him to see the cuff he had gotten me for my birthday was WAY cooler and all the girls with rings wished they had one of these bracelets instead of a ring.


There was no way I had any idea he even wanted to get married to me, at least not for a good while yet.

Of course I said yes, after which the walk was completed (still in the wrong direction!).

How I always wanted to be engaged but I’m not sure I ever imaged actually getting married!

We thought February might be a good summer month and I thought it seemed far away enough that it didn’t seem to real, at least not for awhile anyway.

Cameron thought December might be good and then with all my health it was decided if I was going to definitely be able to walk down the aisle myself sooner rather than later would be a better option.

We visited one venue.

That’s right, just one. We looked at numerous online but as soon as we had gone out to see Harper’s Homestead ( ) and met Marina and her husband Andrew there was no way we were going to have a wedding anywhere else.

People get engaged and plan their weddings years in advance, we don’t have the luxury of years and needed to pull something together in 5 months.

We have been working away at it ever since.

In September we had an engagement party where we invited everyone, as the wedding was going to be smaller we wanted to make sure we got to celebrate with as many people as possible.

The night went down so well and everyone seemed to have an awesome time celebrating with us which is all we really wanted.

Since then its just been getting together everything for the big day.

Marina has been an absolute god send! We are not only using her venue but she has helped us source everything from transport for guests to food, photographers and a wedding dress. Along with her ability to be our celebrant too.

I owe her more than I could ever thank her for. She has not only come to all the appointments with florists, caterers and photographers but has made herself available and been with me to all my wedding dress finding missions (which she organised!) to even driving down and being here on her weekend for my make up and hair trial.

She has become more than just a venue owner and someone who is helping us plan our big day but a friend and a confidant.

I’m not sure how I’ll go without the constant communication post wedding!

We are about 8 weeks out and almost everything has been organised and booked! I’m keeping most of what we are doing and having under wraps for now but post wedding I’ll make sure I do a blog with all the awesomeness of the day and all the people involved that made it possible.

In the mean time I’m going to put my feet up and await the big day!

So incredibly excited for the celebration, but to get to marry my best friend who I’m sharing all my bucket list items and adventures with is even better.

To you Cameron, for taking me on and marrying me anyway, despite the difficulties we face and the hard times still to come. You are my hero and an absolute superstar. I am one lucky girl.

Take care,

Until next time



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