Queenstown advendures….

When one of your bestest friends in the world says, ‘I’ve booked this hot pool place in Queenstown for November, do you want to go as like a mini hens night away?’, the only appropriate response is YES!

So on the 6th of November (with a couple of fingers crossed moments) we set off on our adventure.

The first speed bump, having our flight cancelled. This may have been cause for alarm but really all it meant was a chit chat session in the Koru lounge with a buffet breakfast and numerous cookies consumed. Like a cafe brunch but with the luxury of getting to go back time and time again for alllll the food! I really enjoyed it anyway (thank you Air New Zealand https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/lounges, loved it so much).


Before we knew it we were winging our way down south. Arriving to beautiful weather and a ford ranger wasnt so bad either!

Our AirBnb apartment was really nice and close to town. Dropped our gear off and headed to Onsen hot pools (https://www.onsen.co.nz/).

Wow, wow, wow, these are absolutely a hidden gem! Like literally you would have no idea they where there at all! The views were amazing. One of the most pretty places I have ever been to in New Zealand, and something everyone from here or not should add to their bucket list!

You have an hour from the time you go in until you have to leave. I think we spent a good part of that trying to get epic photos that did justice to the beauty and the views we had in front of us!

After relaxing in the pools we took our calm selves back to the apartment and just chilled before heading down to the town for a look around and some dinner.

Although I’ve been to Wanaka a number of times I’ve never actually properly had a look at Queenstown. It is such a pretty place and I can understand why it’s such a hot spot for tourists to NZ. Everywhere you look is just absolutely gorgeous and picture perfect.

After many more photos and looking around we found a bar with seats that looked out over the lake down the wharf for dinner. I think we provided entertainment for all around as we kept jumping up and down as the sunset, for the ‘gram of course!

A giant ice cream and walk home ended the day tired but so happy in our matching pjs!


The next morning bright (Kirsty, not me!) and early (I slept through my alarm but was woken up with a smile and a cup of tea, thanks girl!) we got all our stuff together and headed out of Queenstown towards Glenorchy.

We stopped and went for a wee wonder at a place called Bobs Cove, so beautiful! Then headed back to the airport for another Koru lounge breakfast and heading home.

The biggest thanks Kirsty, everything just worked and it all fell so perfectly into place like it was all meant to be. Thank you for the trip away, the adventures, the chats and all the laughs. I just had the best 28hrs and cannot wait for more adventures with you to end the year!

I would definitely recommend Queenstown to anyone and would love to go back and explore more of all it has to offer!

Now for planning the next girls trip,

Until next time




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